Meet the hard smoothie

Real fruit, simple ingredients, light bubbles. Your very own adult-smoothie-in-a-can.

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Our Story

When life gave us lemons,
we created smooj.

Smooj is the brainchild of our innovative team.

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan 5% ABV Real Fruit



Real Fruit

Jam-packed with nature’s candy. No artificial flavoring.

Simple Ingredients

No gluten or dairy. Just enough booze.

Light Bubbles

A lil carbonation to keep things interesting.

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It's good for breakfast, too! - Olivia R.

One of the best tasting drinks I’ve ever had...unreal. - Michael G.

Sooooo gooood. Need more. - John J.

Tasting Notes

I hate how much I actually enjoy this. - Steve C.

I could literally drink this all day, forever. - Maxwell B.

Holy cow, it’s a carbonated smoothie. - Angela W.